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Christening photographer west sussex Hi everyone, welcome to this blog post about Noah’s Christening.

I was so happy to be asked to photograph Noah’s Christening day.  Over the years I also photographed his older brother, and his older sister’s Christenings.  So I feel like I know the family well.


Photography is all about recording changes, changes in you or your family, and sometimes just your children.  Allowing you to look back over time and see those changes preserved and helping you to remember how things were.  With this Christening I have recorded  these changes in the whole family and also their friends.


This amazing family are all about the children, you can see the love they have for each other, and all the children who celebrated the day with them, both this Christening and at the previous ones.


The Christening day

Thankfully the rain held off for the day of the Christening, although it was rather cloudy. As usual, I arrived nice and early. Having been to this church twice before I knew where to go and what the inside etc is like.  However on arriving I found that the usual place for parking was taped off so had to find another spot to park up.  There was also the usual slightly pungent smell from the cows that live next door to the church!

Once the family arrived we went and did some group photos outside of the church.

The family were lucky enough to have the same Vicar who took the ceremony for their eldest for this one also.  A lovely older Vicar who was happy for me to be there and taking photos for them.  Noah did amazingly well during the service, not a single cry from him, even when the water was poured on his head (a first for me because most babies are not keen on this section of the service at all!).

The church is a lovely quant and not too dark one, making my job much easier than it can sometimes be.



After the service was over we went to the pub next door, where I continued to cover the party.  Including all the details of the cake (this family always have awesome cakes!) and also the guests who were there.


Once finished I provided the family with the edited images on discs (we chose discs so that they matched the previous Christenings).


Please do get in touch if you would like your child’s Christening photographed.  You can do this by using the contact form on my website. You can find my facebook page at


Thank you for reading this blog.






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