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So much more than just a photoshoot….

It is all too easy with parenting to get wrapped up in the routine of doing, that you forget to just be. You can often forget to take a moment to just look at your baby in wonderment and gratitude at the miracle of life that you created.

In those early days so much s changing for both you and your baby. The speed with which things change and the fact you may or may not be a little sleep deprived, it is easy to understand how we fail to remember every magical moment.

That’s why I urge you to take a moment now, and consider committing to a photoshoot of your newborn baby.  The simple act of booking the shoot means you are already committing to treasuring those special moments.

You are saying to yourself and others, that these moments are worth noticing.  As you imagine the photos you want, you will be looking at your baby with more interest and curiosity, and that is just one of the added bonuses of booking a session.

As we work together to discover what kind of image you want, you will gain more and more understanding of yourself and your baby.

Parenting is often not for the faint hearted, and these gorgeous images will keep your attention on the wonderment and joy of parenting.

Everything is so small and delicate in those early days, beautiful rolls of skin, their gorgeous eyelashes, and don’t get me started on those tiny hands and feet.

It is always my intention that we shoot in their first two weeks of life.  There is something quite special about that time that is worth capturing on camera, and quite often the camera will record so much more than we see with our naked eye.

I love to include parents and siblings in the shoot which provides a great setting for family bonds to be made, and lasting memories of connection, laughter and love.

Whether you as parents choose to be in the actual photos you decide to purchase or not, the process will inevitably assist your bonding experience, as the photos will tell the story of your family as it changes and grows.

These days are so precious, and are ones that when your child has grown up you, and they, will look back on and treasure forever.

This session can reinforce the images that we took during your maternity photoshoot, showing the love and progression of your family and the changes that have taken place in a few short weeks.

A small investment allows you to freeze time and honour the beauty of life and love in your family.

For more information please drop me an email on, give me a call on 01243 887747 or fill in the contact form on the website.


Newborn Photoshoot – £90 for up to four hours.

Why not capture the stunning simple beauty of your newborn baby with a newborn photoshoot.  These sessions aim to get images of your perfect newborn in amazing sleeping poses.  I LOVE it when the whole family get involved in the arrival of a new baby, and as such like to be able to shoot some family photos during your newborn photoshoot.  Just imagine how loved your little one will feel seeing an amazing piece of wall art in your home showing how much they were cherished.

When is best to book?

It is best to book your newborn photoshoot as soon as possible during your pregnancy.  Any time from your 20 week scan is ideal.  However please do contact me any time during your pregnancy or just after the birth to see if I can fit you in, I hate to turn away anyone who would like a shoot with me.

When is best for the photoshoot?

Ideally newborn photoshoots take place between 4 and 15 days old. This ensures that we can get all those gorgeous squishy, sleeping newborn poses.  After this time babies tend to be less able to pose, however if a later shoot happens we will do the utmost to get as many poses as possible.  I always go by what the baby is happy to do, some babies do not like certain poses and this is my guide to how the session takes place.

What do I wear for my photoshoot?

Newborn photoshoots take place in a very warm room, this is to ensure baby is comfortable and happy, this does however mean that it can be a little warm for fully dressed adults, so dress in light layers.  Ideally bring a change of clothes as when babies are being photographed there tend to be a few accident when they have no nappy on! I find that neutral colours work best for family photos, and adults should wear co ordinating colours.

Can I bring my partner?

Of course! I LOVE it when partners and siblings get involved in your newborn photoshoot.  After all having a newborn baby is a time for the whole family to enjoy and remember.

How do I book?

Newborn photoshoots are provisionally booked for the date your baby is due, and then a firm date is given when baby arrives.

You can use the contact form at the bottom of the page, or you can email me on, or ring on 01243 887747.

To book your session you will need to pay the full session fee, and return a completed booking form. NO SESSIONS ARE BOOKED IN MY DIARY UNTIL BOTH SESSION FEE AND BOOKING FORM ARE RETURNED.

What is included in the cost of the photoshoot?

The price of the photoshoot itself is £90, this covers my time shooting your session, use of my posing blankets, headbands, hats and outfits, and editing of the images. This shoot does not come with any free images. Images can be bought separately and packages start at £120.

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