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Photography Skills

Photography skills – West Sussex photographer.

These blog posts will be based on helping you to improve your own photography skills. Do you have a camera and want to improve the photos you can achieve of your own family? Do you need a bit of help understanding how to pose people.  Let me know and I can do a blog post to help you.


Sharing photography know how!

I aim to help you to understand how to take better photos yourself, no matter if you are using a phone, tablet or top of the range DSLR.

Including subjects such as –

Lighting your shot,



How to pose groups,


What to wear

and how to get a smile!

Please do get in touch if there is a topic you would like me to cover.

Posing in photography – the difference it can make to your images.


Hello, and welcome to a new section of my blog.  This section I am calling photography skills.  You can use many of the ideas I am going to talk about in this new part of the blog to either make your own photos better, or to make sure next time you have a photoshoot you get the best you can out of it.  Today I will be talking about posing for your photoshoot.


I am a firm believer in that every type of photography is amazing! It all records the way your family is at the point in time that the shoot is done.  Some people prefer natural, lifestyle photos, while others opt for a studio photoshoot.  Lifestyle photos are gorgeous and represent your life as it is. Whereas studio photography sets a scene for you.  Which you choose, is entirely up to you.


But why pose?


I mostly do studio work, so I arrange each set ready for you to come along and have perfect spot on photos every time, regardless of if the weather is nice or if it’s a dull overcast day or bright sunshine. Regardless of if you choose studio or natural photos, the way you stand and pose can really affect the images that are produced.


Your photographer may ask you to stand a certain way or help you pose yourself and your family in the best way for the image they are producing.


Here are two images taken within minutes of each other –

Posing advice for a photoshoot Posing advice

Most people who come into the studio, will automatically stand as I am in photo 2 here.  So I will tell people, or show them how I want them to stand if possible.  This usually helps people to settle in to their shoot and relax, as well as giving better final images for you.


Want amazing photos to cherish for the future?


Essentially, if you want gorgeous images that you and your family are going to treasure for many many years to come, listen to your photographer.  We want you to be over the moon with your images, and we want future generations of your families to see your amazing photos and see exactly how you were.


If you would like to take better photos of people, remember – turn them 45 degrees to one side then bring their face back round to look at you.  This will thin down the body slightly and reduce the look of any extra chins (certainly in my case!).


I shall leave this subject here for now, but I will do more in other blog posts so you can find out how to improve your own photos over the next few weeks. Including posing family photos, why family photos are important and how to photograph your own children.


In the mean time, please do feel free to leave me a comment on this blog post, or contact me using the contact form. If you would like to know anything specific about photography do get in touch and let me know.



Hi All! My first question for you is – Do you print your images? West Sussex family photographer


By this I don’t necessarily mean huge great big prints, or canvases , or anything that is hugely expensive.  But do you print your images at all?

As a Mum myself I am passionate about recording the journey of our family.  I often (just like everyone else!) take photos on my phone or Ipod, these are never going to be as good as the ones I take when I’m testing out my studio lighting or looking round a venue in preparation for a wedding, but they show the nature of our family and how they grow.

When was the last time you printed any of your phone or tablet images?  Do you print any images you get from a photographer in digital form?

Every year I print a year photobook of some of the images I’ve taken over the year.  This includes quite a few phone and ipod images (they may be smaller in the book, but no less relevant!), along with any other images I’ve taken over the year.

This is a small section of my photobook collection –


Why do I do this?

Quite simply, because when my children are older I want them to be able to look back at some of the things they did when they were little.  We are a generation who now keep everything online and in digital form.  What happens if your image storage hard drive fails? Or if you lose all the images from your phone? Will your children ever check a 40 year old phone for images at a time when they might want to see what they were like when they were little?  I am guessing that the phone may have been long since thrown away or no longer be able to be used, even if they could find it.


What should you put in your books or prints?

Whatever is special to you.  For the year book I will do for this year, I might put in this photo of the cake the kids and husband made me for my Birthday –

It was a yummy as it looks by the way!

Go ahead! Have some fun and see what photos you have that you can print up.


If you are worried about creating a book, don’t be! You can either print your photos as standard prints and pop them into a photo album (like your Mum/Dad/grandparents did), or some online printers even allow you to upload all your images and then they will create a book for you (it takes just a couple of minutes after you have uploaded them all).


I want you to enjoy your images, whether they are your selfies with the kids, sports days or a family photoshoot you have booked. Most of all I want the next generation to have some physical reminders of what life was like growing up!


Thank you for reading my blog, and do feel free to leave a comment or use the contact form if you would like to know more about any of the photoshoots I offer.


Wendy x

Hi everyone!

I thought I’d do a baby safety blog post for you all. As a member of BANPAS (Baby And Newborn Photographers ASsociation) I understand the importance of safety during photoshoots involving babies, newborns and young children. This is why I have undertaken specific training in newborn photography with one of the leading newborn photographers in the UK (Pennycress Photography) to ensure I am safely posing and photographing newborns and upwards.

You will notice a lot of photographers these days offering newborn shoots. Most offer many different poses and ways of working. However a few of the poses which your photographer may use require the use of composite images (combining more than one photo to achieve the end result) this can be tricky, but in certain poses it is the only safe way to get the image you want. Please please ensure your photographer uses composite images if you are after any of the more tricky newborn images. There is a whole web page dedicated to composites also on the BANPAS website


Here is an example of one of my photos taken in this way-




However, just because a baby is no longer a newborn, does not mean we need to stop taking precautions! Especially when they get a bit stronger and start kicking more. There should always be ‘spotters’ if baby is at any height off the floor, even just by the amount of our newborn posing beanbags. Blankets can be cloned in later, but an injured baby is an injured baby. Please ensure that if anything you see during your photoshoot (no matter where you go for it) that worries you, you ask the photographer and be actively involved in keeping your baby/child safe.


Here I am going to show you a photo from a recent three month old baby shoot.This image was taken with the baby on my newborn posing beanbag, with a parent at each side spotting, and me at the front. This ensured baby was safe and secure at all times. The blanket was added back in afterwards.


OY5A9686 OY5A9686-vignietteI hope this blog post has been informative, and helped all customers realise and understand a little of what goes into making those cute photos safe and happy.


If you would like any more information please feel free to use my contact form


Thanks for reading,


Wendy x