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Specialist newborn photographer in West Sussex.  Specially trained in both photography and posing, fully insured, and a member of BANPAS (an organisation which promotes safety in newborn photography).  We take special care to ensure the comfort of your precious little one throughout the entire photoshoot.  Designed for babies between 5 and 15 days old.

Your photoshoot

We love to record your precious little bundle in gorgeous squishy, curled up poses.  We like to style the photoshoot so baby is the focus as we think that they are the star of the show.  Family photos are an important part of the photoshoot, recording the way you cherish your new addition together.  You have the choice of colour of backdrop, which we love to be able to tie in to the colours of your home, so that when you put your images on the wall it looks just perfect.

Hi everyone! Welcome to this blog post about a Family photoshoot Bognor Regis West Sussex.

Back in August Josie brought her family along for a family photoshoot.  They decided to go for an hour family photoshoot, including photos of them all together, and also ones just of baby.  This is a lovely way to photograph a baby who is not yet sitting up but is a little over the age that we can ideally do a newborn photoshoot for.  I like to go through all the family variations that the family want and then move on to some more stylised photos of baby on their own.

About this type of photoshoot.

This type of photoshoot currently costs £65 for an hour and then images are bought separately at a viewing session a couple of weeks after.

Here are a few of the gorgeous images we got during the session.

Please do contact me if you would like more information or to book a photoshoot.


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Just before Christmas the very gorgeous Athena came to see me with her Mummy, Daddy and sisters.  Her Mummy and Daddy got married a year and a half ago, I was lucky enough to cover their amazing wedding for them too.  It has been lovely to follow this family and their progress (I first met Mum a few years ago as our children were at the same after school club).

Athena was very well behaved for us and we managed to get some truly gorgeous images of her and the whole family. These first couple of weeks of a new baby’s life go so fast, and they soon lost their newborn flexibility, which is why ideally newborn baby photoshoots should be done between 5 and 15 days old.

If you would like a newborn photoshoot, ideally book whilst you are pregnant to ensure I have enough space for you in my diary.  Although please do contact me once baby is born, because I can sometimes fit people in, and I hate to think that Mums and Dads can’t get the images they want of their precious bundle.

If you would like any more information, or to book a newborn (or other) photoshoot, please contact me using the contact form here.

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Alex’s newborn photoshoot – West Sussex maternity to one year photographer.


Towards the end of last year, I did a photoshoot of the amazing little Alex.  At a little over 11lbs born he was my biggest newborn of the year!  The whole family did really amazing, and we achieved some stunning images of them all.

Newborn photoshoots are best done between 5 and 14 days (roughly), although I am always happy to try the newborn style on babies that are slightly older than this.  Ideally booking needs to take place during your pregnancy to ensure I have space in my diary for your due date.  Photoshoots can be booked by phone or using the contact form on the website.  Full session fee is payable on booking and returning a filled in booking form is also required to confirm your session.

Here are a few images from Alex’s photoshoot.



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This month I had beautiful baby Tilly in the studio for a newborn baby photoshoot. Tillie’s Mum won a photoshoot with me when she came to a baby fair last year.


This type of photoshoot can last for up to 4 hours, depending on how well baby gets to sleep for those lovely sleeping poses. The room is kept at a constant warm (to fully clothed adults hot) room so baby does not get cold.  There is usually plenty of baby wee, poo and sick, but that’s fine! As a Mum and someone who photographs newborns we are used to it. Plenty of washing is expected from each shoot too, so never worry when you come for this style of photoshoot.


In this case we spent a whole 4 hours with Tilly, who was most happy when wrapped up snugly.


Here are a few photos from the session so you can see just what a little stunner Tilly is.


PNGOY5A7132-2 PNGOY5A7153-1 PNGOY5A7155-2 PNGOY5A7157-1 PNGOY5A7161 PNGOY5A7179 PNGOY5A7188-1 PNGOY5A7199


Newborn photoshoots cost £90, this includes up to 4 hours studio time, one 8×12 print and the use of my props.  If you would like any more information, or to enquire about a newborn photoshoot please fill in my contact form .


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Hi everyone!

I thought I’d do a baby safety blog post for you all. As a member of BANPAS (Baby And Newborn Photographers ASsociation) I understand the importance of safety during photoshoots involving babies, newborns and young children. This is why I have undertaken specific training in newborn photography with one of the leading newborn photographers in the UK (Pennycress Photography) to ensure I am safely posing and photographing newborns and upwards.

You will notice a lot of photographers these days offering newborn shoots. Most offer many different poses and ways of working. However a few of the poses which your photographer may use require the use of composite images (combining more than one photo to achieve the end result) this can be tricky, but in certain poses it is the only safe way to get the image you want. Please please ensure your photographer uses composite images if you are after any of the more tricky newborn images. There is a whole web page dedicated to composites also on the BANPAS website


Here is an example of one of my photos taken in this way-




However, just because a baby is no longer a newborn, does not mean we need to stop taking precautions! Especially when they get a bit stronger and start kicking more. There should always be ‘spotters’ if baby is at any height off the floor, even just by the amount of our newborn posing beanbags. Blankets can be cloned in later, but an injured baby is an injured baby. Please ensure that if anything you see during your photoshoot (no matter where you go for it) that worries you, you ask the photographer and be actively involved in keeping your baby/child safe.


Here I am going to show you a photo from a recent three month old baby shoot.This image was taken with the baby on my newborn posing beanbag, with a parent at each side spotting, and me at the front. This ensured baby was safe and secure at all times. The blanket was added back in afterwards.


OY5A9686 OY5A9686-vignietteI hope this blog post has been informative, and helped all customers realise and understand a little of what goes into making those cute photos safe and happy.


If you would like any more information please feel free to use my contact form


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