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Hi All! My first question for you is – Do you print your images? West Sussex family photographer


By this I don’t necessarily mean huge great big prints, or canvases , or anything that is hugely expensive.  But do you print your images at all?

As a Mum myself I am passionate about recording the journey of our family.  I often (just like everyone else!) take photos on my phone or Ipod, these are never going to be as good as the ones I take when I’m testing out my studio lighting or looking round a venue in preparation for a wedding, but they show the nature of our family and how they grow.

When was the last time you printed any of your phone or tablet images?  Do you print any images you get from a photographer in digital form?

Every year I print a year photobook of some of the images I’ve taken over the year.  This includes quite a few phone and ipod images (they may be smaller in the book, but no less relevant!), along with any other images I’ve taken over the year.

This is a small section of my photobook collection –


Why do I do this?

Quite simply, because when my children are older I want them to be able to look back at some of the things they did when they were little.  We are a generation who now keep everything online and in digital form.  What happens if your image storage hard drive fails? Or if you lose all the images from your phone? Will your children ever check a 40 year old phone for images at a time when they might want to see what they were like when they were little?  I am guessing that the phone may have been long since thrown away or no longer be able to be used, even if they could find it.


What should you put in your books or prints?

Whatever is special to you.  For the year book I will do for this year, I might put in this photo of the cake the kids and husband made me for my Birthday –

It was a yummy as it looks by the way!

Go ahead! Have some fun and see what photos you have that you can print up.


If you are worried about creating a book, don’t be! You can either print your photos as standard prints and pop them into a photo album (like your Mum/Dad/grandparents did), or some online printers even allow you to upload all your images and then they will create a book for you (it takes just a couple of minutes after you have uploaded them all).


I want you to enjoy your images, whether they are your selfies with the kids, sports days or a family photoshoot you have booked. Most of all I want the next generation to have some physical reminders of what life was like growing up!


Thank you for reading my blog, and do feel free to leave a comment or use the contact form if you would like to know more about any of the photoshoots I offer.


Wendy x

Welcome to another blog post from me here at Wendy Hudson Photography.

This photoshoot was to celebrate the gorgeous Aimee’s 18th Birthday. It was bought for her as a gift in the form of a gift voucher. Aimee brought her boyfriend along to the shoot with her.

Here are a few of her photos.

JPGOY5A3392 JPGOY5A3402-1 JPGOY5A3418-1 JPGOY5A3422 JPGOY5A3453 JPGOY5A3457 JPGOY5A3481-1 JPGOY5A3487 JPGOY5A3490-1


If you would like any more information about booking a photoshoot, or about the kinds of photoshoot I offer please get in touch via my contact form.


Photoshoots start at £65 for an hour for either studio or natural outdoors sessions (correct for 2015).


Thank you for reading this blog post.


Wendy x

Ever wondered what a cake smash is like? Read on and you will see the fun and laughs that come with a first Birthday cake smash shoot.


Cake smash shoots are an hour long at my home studio in Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

I always start  off the shoot with standard studio photos so you can have mess free photos in your gallery too! Next up is the cake, you can bring your own (as this family did) or I can provide one for you for an extra charge.


It took a few minutes for this little one to get his hands in, but once he did he was a happy little boy.


The next phase of the shoot is clean up! This involves me scraping lots of cake and icing off the floor! Then we get out the baby bath and I can get some cute photos of the clean up.


Now for some photos from this gorgeous little man’s session. We had lots of photos for the lovely family to choose from, here are a few.


OY5A9110 OY5A9116 OY5A9155 OY5A9180-3 OY5A9182 OY5A9185 OY5A9203 OY5A9212-2 OY5A9213 OY5A9261 OY5A9287 OY5A9295 OY5A9301

Final montageI hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to use my contact form if you would like any more information or to book a cake smash photoshoot. Alternatively you can call on 01243 887747.


Cake smash shoots start at £65 for an hour (if you supply your own cake, or we can supply one for you at an extra cost), and come with one complementary 8×12 print of your choice from the session.


Wendy x

So in honour of today being the 29th of February, I had a game of frogs with my son.  Here is a leaping frog for leap year day!

Wendy x

I have been meaning to have a go at smoke photos for ages, and having got a new remote flash trigger a couple of weeks ago (and having not taken any photos in the daytime for my 365 project) I decided that yesterday was the day to get the joss sticks lit and see what I could come up with!

This is a montage of  a few of the photos that I took.   Something I will definitely have to have another go at soon.  It is quite fun, and no two photos are the same.

On the other plus side my house now smells lovely of lavender!

You can find more of these on my   Facebook page

Wendy x

With Valentines day coming up, I thought I would have an experiment with hearts and some water droplets. Quite pleased with this one. This was taken with one studio light. Something that I will be trying again I am sure!

Wendy x


On the 14th September 2010 I started a 365 project with a group of other Photobox and Facebook users, all we had to do was take one photo a day for a whole year. Sounds easy, but in reality it is actually really hard work! never-the-less most of us who started a year ago finished our projects yesterday, we have had blips along the way ( I know I have lost a photo due to forgetting to get it off my memory card before formatting it, and one day I did actually forget!!) We have all had our ups and downs, we have learnt a lot from each other and our shared experiences, and we have even had a few meet ups along the way. I know I am a much better photographer for virtually meeting my buddies, and the challenge it is to try and improve your photography along the way. This is my last photo from my project, the sun setting on West Wittering beach, as it also set on my 365 project. What a year and what buddies I have made. If you are interested in photography I would definitely suggest giving a 365 project a go …… it might lead you to great places!

Wendy x