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Christmas mini photoshoots west sussex photographer

Hi All!

Saturday 4th November I am running my Christmas mini shoot sessions for 2017.

The idea behind Christmas mini sessions is that most people want a few photos for Christmas, and not a full one hour session.  Having a full day of mini sessions means I can keep the cost of the photoshoots down too!

This year I bought some stunning new backdrops which have made all the difference to the images I can create.

How to book –

You can book a session using my contact form.


These mini sessions are £99 for a 20 minute slot and with that you receive 5 high resolution images to print as and when you like.  Each child alse receives a cookie and some milk as part of the photoshoot.


Here are some examples of the sort of images you can expect …….

Thank you for reading this blog post and following my work.


Wendy x



Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog post about an amazing West Sussex family photoshoot.

Back in September the lovely Siobhan came along to see me with her gorgeous family.  Her little girl had not long turned one and had been given a photoshoot voucher for her Birthday.  This was an hour photoshoot and included photos of the whole family, and some of their little girl on her own.  We managed to get some lovely relaxed photo of them all during the session.  I think you will agree they make a cute little family!

An hour’s photoshoot costs £65, images are then purchased separately at a viewing session roughly two weeks after the photoshoot.  Please do contact me if you would like any more information or to book a photoshoot.

A photoshoot at any age or stage of your little one’s life is so worthwhile.  At this age they grow so quickly.  Trust me to take you some amazing photographs that you are going to treasure for the future.  That way you can remember just how small they were, and all the expressions they used to make.

Thank you for reading,


Wendy x

Hi everyone! Welcome to this blog post about a Family photoshoot Bognor Regis West Sussex.

Back in August Josie brought her family along for a family photoshoot.  They decided to go for an hour family photoshoot, including photos of them all together, and also ones just of baby.  This is a lovely way to photograph a baby who is not yet sitting up but is a little over the age that we can ideally do a newborn photoshoot for.  I like to go through all the family variations that the family want and then move on to some more stylised photos of baby on their own.

About this type of photoshoot.

This type of photoshoot currently costs £65 for an hour and then images are bought separately at a viewing session a couple of weeks after.

Here are a few of the gorgeous images we got during the session.

Please do contact me if you would like more information or to book a photoshoot.


Thank you for reading,


Wendy x

Hi all! Welcome to this blog post about Family photography Bognor Regis.

Family photography?

I’m on a bit of a mission at the moment, this mission is to get whole families having photos taken.  Not necessarily by me, but in whatever form you would like.  I think that having images for your children to look at daily, up on your walls of your home, is invaluable when it comes to the whole family feeling part of the whole, and knowing they will always have a place to call home!

Having a photoshoot?

I will always give you the option of whole family photos as part of your photoshoot.  Not all families take up the offer, some parents prefer to have the time spent on just the kids, but I will always offer! (I will not be upset if you decide not to get in the photos, it is your photoshoot and your choice, however I will tell you that if you have a few full family shots taken, you don’t need to actually buy them, but you may as well have them done while you are here).


Debbies family photoshoot.

Debbie comes to me for her family photos about once a year.  Here are a few of the images we got from this years’ shoot.

How to get in touch

Please use this contact form if you would like any more information about family photoshoots.

Prices for Family photography Bognor Regis

Up to date price information can be found here.


Wendy x

Hello, and welcome to this blog post about commercial photography in West Sussex.


In January I was contacted by a local business lady who runs an amazing business called Mumma love organics , they make natural skincare products for your little one. You can read the story of how and why Mumma love organics came about here.

Here are a few of the images that I took for them to use on their website.

Please contact me if you would like a quote for commercial photography.  Include as much information about your requirements as possible in your message.

You can contact me using this contact form


Thank you for reading,


Wendy x

Hi All! My first question for you is – Do you print your images? West Sussex family photographer


By this I don’t necessarily mean huge great big prints, or canvases , or anything that is hugely expensive.  But do you print your images at all?

As a Mum myself I am passionate about recording the journey of our family.  I often (just like everyone else!) take photos on my phone or Ipod, these are never going to be as good as the ones I take when I’m testing out my studio lighting or looking round a venue in preparation for a wedding, but they show the nature of our family and how they grow.

When was the last time you printed any of your phone or tablet images?  Do you print any images you get from a photographer in digital form?

Every year I print a year photobook of some of the images I’ve taken over the year.  This includes quite a few phone and ipod images (they may be smaller in the book, but no less relevant!), along with any other images I’ve taken over the year.

This is a small section of my photobook collection –


Why do I do this?

Quite simply, because when my children are older I want them to be able to look back at some of the things they did when they were little.  We are a generation who now keep everything online and in digital form.  What happens if your image storage hard drive fails? Or if you lose all the images from your phone? Will your children ever check a 40 year old phone for images at a time when they might want to see what they were like when they were little?  I am guessing that the phone may have been long since thrown away or no longer be able to be used, even if they could find it.


What should you put in your books or prints?

Whatever is special to you.  For the year book I will do for this year, I might put in this photo of the cake the kids and husband made me for my Birthday –

It was a yummy as it looks by the way!

Go ahead! Have some fun and see what photos you have that you can print up.


If you are worried about creating a book, don’t be! You can either print your photos as standard prints and pop them into a photo album (like your Mum/Dad/grandparents did), or some online printers even allow you to upload all your images and then they will create a book for you (it takes just a couple of minutes after you have uploaded them all).


I want you to enjoy your images, whether they are your selfies with the kids, sports days or a family photoshoot you have booked. Most of all I want the next generation to have some physical reminders of what life was like growing up!


Thank you for reading my blog, and do feel free to leave a comment or use the contact form if you would like to know more about any of the photoshoots I offer.


Wendy x

Autumn is my favourite time of year. It is all about cuddling up in your warmer clothes when it starts getting colder, and the gorgeous, stunning colours which you will only find at this time of year.  I don’t think there is a more colourful time of year than autumn, with a myriad of different colour leaves on the trees and also on the floor.

Every year at around October half term I take the kids to a local park, and take our annual Christmas card photos, along with some which are either Autumn or Halloween theme (think pumpkins and all the shades of leaves imaginable).

Thankfully this half term we had some gorgeous dry weather, not too cold and the colours, ah the lovely colours. It was perfectly timed with some leaves on the trees and others which had already dropped.

Now, I hear you say “What!? Take your own photos?”  Yes, as a photographer, I do take photos of my own family, however it is not plain sailing! So I keep the shooting times short, and give rewards for letting me get at least a few photos.  It also helps to make some of the photos fun ones.  This year I achieved this by letting them have a ride on the train which runs round the park after I had finished with taking photos, and they had super fun throwing leaves around!

Sometimes I sit and edit my photos, or work out new ways of editing so that I am being more creative in the way my images are produced.  I will, now and again, think about what customers think happens with their images after the shutter clicks.  Some images call for half an hour or more of post processing, to make them the sort of image that you will see on our facebook pages or on our blog posts.  Below you will find a small selection of images from a shoot, with each image having an original (straight from camera),  one which has had a small amount of editing in one of my favourite editing packages (Adobe Lightroom), the last is the fully edited ready for the wall image.  These were all edited by hand, there was no use of presets or actions.


Untitled-2-2low res Untitled-3low res Untitled-4


Hopefully you will agree that the finished image is so much better than the original which is straight from the camera.  Next time you look at photos on facebook pages, have a closer look and see if you can work out how the photo has been edited to look better than the original!


If you would like a photoshoot please do get in touch via my contact page Or for more information check out the pricing and photoshoots pages on the website.  One hour family photoshoots currently cost £65 for an hour with one 8×12 print of your choice from the session (price correct for 2015).

We are based in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, close to Chichester.  Outdoors photoshoots can be done in the local area.  Other areas can be covered, although there may be a charge for mileage if you require me to travel more than 20 miles to your shoot.


Wendy x

Susan’s family photoshoot.


In January Susan brought along her lovely family for a studio family photoshoot. The photoshoot was bought for her in the form of a gift voucher for Christmas last year, in this case we also booked in the date and time of the photoshoot at the time of buying the gift voucher, and I was able to print all the information on it for them.


Such a gorgeous family, I think you will agree!


OY5A8648 OY5A8664 OY5A8677 OY5A8682 OY5A8686-2 OY5A8691-2 OY5A8696 OY5A8712 OY5A8714 OY5A8747-2 OY5A8750 OY5A8763-2 OY5A8784 OY5A8801


Family photoshoots cost £65 for one hour, and come with one complimentary 8×12 print (price correct for 2015), and can be bought in gift voucher form.


If you would like more information or to book a photoshoot you can use the contact form on my webite or email


Thank you for reading my blog, please subscribe if you would like to keep up to date with my work, or you can pop over and like my facebook page  where all my latest work can be seen.


Wendy x

Debbie’s family shoot

Last year I had the pleasure of taking maternity photos of Debbie and her family.

This year they returned for some photos of them with their beautiful new arrival. Both children were stars for this shoot, not a single tear from the baby, and big brother was very happy to sit for his photos as well.

This was a standard one hour family shoot, as baby was older than I would recommend for a newborn session. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the photos.


composite OY5A0075 OY5A0098-1 OY5A0123 OY5A0149 OY5A0162

One hour family photoshoots cost £65 (correct at time of writing 2015) and come with one 8x 12 print of your choice from your online viewing gallery.  This type of shoot can also be bought in gift voucher form if you would like to purchase it as a gift for someone.

Feel free to contact me using my websites’ contact page Or you can ring on 01243 887747.

Wendy x

Ever wondered what a cake smash is like? Read on and you will see the fun and laughs that come with a first Birthday cake smash shoot.


Cake smash shoots are an hour long at my home studio in Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

I always start  off the shoot with standard studio photos so you can have mess free photos in your gallery too! Next up is the cake, you can bring your own (as this family did) or I can provide one for you for an extra charge.


It took a few minutes for this little one to get his hands in, but once he did he was a happy little boy.


The next phase of the shoot is clean up! This involves me scraping lots of cake and icing off the floor! Then we get out the baby bath and I can get some cute photos of the clean up.


Now for some photos from this gorgeous little man’s session. We had lots of photos for the lovely family to choose from, here are a few.


OY5A9110 OY5A9116 OY5A9155 OY5A9180-3 OY5A9182 OY5A9185 OY5A9203 OY5A9212-2 OY5A9213 OY5A9261 OY5A9287 OY5A9295 OY5A9301

Final montageI hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to use my contact form if you would like any more information or to book a cake smash photoshoot. Alternatively you can call on 01243 887747.


Cake smash shoots start at £65 for an hour (if you supply your own cake, or we can supply one for you at an extra cost), and come with one complementary 8×12 print of your choice from the session.


Wendy x