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Autumn is my favourite time of year. It is all about cuddling up in your warmer clothes when it starts getting colder, and the gorgeous, stunning colours which you will only find at this time of year.  I don’t think there is a more colourful time of year than autumn, with a myriad of different colour leaves on the trees and also on the floor.

Every year at around October half term I take the kids to a local park, and take our annual Christmas card photos, along with some which are either Autumn or Halloween theme (think pumpkins and all the shades of leaves imaginable).

Thankfully this half term we had some gorgeous dry weather, not too cold and the colours, ah the lovely colours. It was perfectly timed with some leaves on the trees and others which had already dropped.

Now, I hear you say “What!? Take your own photos?”  Yes, as a photographer, I do take photos of my own family, however it is not plain sailing! So I keep the shooting times short, and give rewards for letting me get at least a few photos.  It also helps to make some of the photos fun ones.  This year I achieved this by letting them have a ride on the train which runs round the park after I had finished with taking photos, and they had super fun throwing leaves around!

Sometimes I sit and edit my photos, or work out new ways of editing so that I am being more creative in the way my images are produced.  I will, now and again, think about what customers think happens with their images after the shutter clicks.  Some images call for half an hour or more of post processing, to make them the sort of image that you will see on our facebook pages or on our blog posts.  Below you will find a small selection of images from a shoot, with each image having an original (straight from camera),  one which has had a small amount of editing in one of my favourite editing packages (Adobe Lightroom), the last is the fully edited ready for the wall image.  These were all edited by hand, there was no use of presets or actions.


Untitled-2-2low res Untitled-3low res Untitled-4


Hopefully you will agree that the finished image is so much better than the original which is straight from the camera.  Next time you look at photos on facebook pages, have a closer look and see if you can work out how the photo has been edited to look better than the original!


If you would like a photoshoot please do get in touch via my contact page Or for more information check out the pricing and photoshoots pages on the website.  One hour family photoshoots currently cost £65 for an hour with one 8×12 print of your choice from the session (price correct for 2015).

We are based in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, close to Chichester.  Outdoors photoshoots can be done in the local area.  Other areas can be covered, although there may be a charge for mileage if you require me to travel more than 20 miles to your shoot.


Wendy x

Last week I did a fitness photoshoot for Michael, a personal trainer.


Fitness photography is all about the lighting, using the light to model the physique in the best possible way, getting as much tonal range as possible, from shadow all the way through to high lights.


Here are a few of the photos from Michael’s photoshoot.


OY5A3856-2 OY5A3860-2 OY5A3890-2 OY5A3909-2 OY5A3929-2 OY5A3938-2 OY5A3939-2 Untitled-2 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-5 Untitled-6

Fitness photoshoots cost £65 (correct for 2015) and come with one 8×12 print of your choice from your gallery.  Other images are available at extra cost.  All photoshoots are subject to a 50% booking fee to reserve your date and time in my diary.


Fitness photoshoots take place at my home studio, in Bognor Regis, West Sussex.


If you would like any more information or to book a fitness photoshoot you can get in touch via my website contact form.



Thank you for reading my blog, feel free to let me know what you think or if there is anything else you would like to see me cover.


Wendy x

Welcome to another blog post from me here at Wendy Hudson Photography.

This photoshoot was to celebrate the gorgeous Aimee’s 18th Birthday. It was bought for her as a gift in the form of a gift voucher. Aimee brought her boyfriend along to the shoot with her.

Here are a few of her photos.

JPGOY5A3392 JPGOY5A3402-1 JPGOY5A3418-1 JPGOY5A3422 JPGOY5A3453 JPGOY5A3457 JPGOY5A3481-1 JPGOY5A3487 JPGOY5A3490-1


If you would like any more information about booking a photoshoot, or about the kinds of photoshoot I offer please get in touch via my contact form.


Photoshoots start at £65 for an hour for either studio or natural outdoors sessions (correct for 2015).


Thank you for reading this blog post.


Wendy x

At the end of August I attended Debbie and Lukes wedding at the lovely location of Bracklesham barn in West Sussex, a few miles south of Chichester.  They had the most gorgeous day for their wedding.

Debbie and Luke involved the whole family in their service, the children from the families even did a reading which kept everyone entertained. This was the second wedding of the summer which served fish and chips for their meal, followed by an ice cream van serving their dessert.  They chose a beach theme for the wedding, and made their own table centre pieces. They also put up their own photobooth for the evening guests to take photos in with an ipad.

Although the ceremony ran a little late (due to some very bad traffic on the morning) we managed to nip away to the beach for some photos just of the couple between the ceremony and reception.


Here are a few photos from their day, which was full of love and happiness.

JPGIMG_1473-2 JPGIMG_1493-2 JPGIMG_1499-2 JPGIMG_1533 JPGIMG_1535 JPGIMG_1603 JPGIMG_1614 JPGIMG_1620-3 JPGIMG_1632 JPGIMG_1818 JPGOY5A2321-2 JPGOY5A2347 JPGOY5A2373-2 JPGOY5A2528 JPGOY5A2626-2 JPGOY5A2755-2 JPGOY5A2760-2 JPGOY5A2769-2 JPGOY5A2787-2 JPGOY5A2804 JPGOY5A2946-3 JPGOY5A3050 JPGOY5A3052 JPGOY5A3258


If you are interested in me attending your wedding day then please do get in touch. You can contact me via my website contact page  for a bespoke quote. You can also book a free pre wedding consultation to discuss your big day and have a look at some of my previous work.  I work on an hourly basis so you can have as many or as few hours as you would like. I can also offer prints, photobooks and other products of your big day.


You can also keep up to date with all my recent work on my facebook page.


Thank you for reading this blog post.


Wendy x

In August I attended the wedding celebration of the lovely Georgina and James. They chose to have their wedding celebration at Boxgrove Village hall. This is a lovely light and airy village hall, which was perfect for the celebration they had planned. It is also very handy for bride and groom shots as Boxgrove Priory is just across the road, the ruins are just lovely for some personal quiet time photos between the service and reception.

Georgina and James had planned every detail about the day, including all the things that they like. The reception tables were completed with bottles of Coca Cola and Tunnocks Teacakes! There was a sweetie table so the guests could help themselves, and they even provided sun cream/sun glasses/fans and flip flops, always thinking of their guests comfort.  The meal was provided by a fish and chip van, who also provided the pudding of doughnuts and ice cream.


I hope you enjoy looking at some of their photos.




If you are interested in booking me for your wedding, please feel free to contact me for a free informal chat about your wedding requirements, where you can have a look through some of my sample work.


All wedding bookings require a 50% booking fee to be paid and a booking form to be filled in, signed and returned to me, to confirm your booking.


Thank you for reading this blog post.


Wendy x

At the beginning of August I attended the wedding celebration of Charlotte and Paul. I first met this lovely couple and their family last year when I covered their registry office ceremony in Chichester. This year they decided to have a big party so all their friends and family could celebrate with them.  They chose the stunning Southend Barns as their venue, it is a gorgeous place and was perfect for their informal celebration. The weather was very kind to them (always a relief!) and to top off the day they had a visit from a Delorean car!


I hope you enjoy looking at some of the photos from their day.

PNGIMG_0033 PNGIMG_0051-2 PNGIMG_0094 PNGIMG_0133 PNGIMG_0151-2 PNGIMG_0175 PNGIMG_0215 PNGIMG_0294 PNGIMG_0343 PNGIMG_9814 PNGOY5A0651 PNGOY5A0672 PNGOY5A0685 PNGOY5A0693 PNGOY5A0770 PNGOY5A1011-2 PNGOY5A1061-2


If you would like me to cover your wedding day (or other event) please do get in touch via my contact form. I offer a bespoke service, and quote for each individual couple because I believe your wedding photography should be as individual as you are.  A booking fee of 50% of the total cost of your event will secure your date in my diary.


Thank you for reading my blog.


Wendy x

Hi everyone.


Today I am sharing with you some photos from a recent newborn photoshoot.   I had this gorgeous family visit me as a referral from her baby cousin, who I took newborn photos of just after I had my newborn training.


It was a pleasure to meet you all and take your photos.


OY5A9699 OY5A9729 OY5A9734 OY5A9828-2 OY5A9830 OY5A9834-1

I tried out a few new ideas I had for this photoshoot (the black background photos) and I think they worked really well.  Please feel free to leave me some feedback if you would like to.


Newborn photoshoots take place here in my home studio, in Bognor Regis, West Sussex. Current price is £90(2015), which includes one 8×12 print. Newborn photoshoots can last for up to 4 hours as babies can take a while to get to sleep and get into those cute squidgy newborn poses. Ideally babies need to be under 15 days old. Bookings can be taken from your 20 week scan, and a booking fee of 50% of the shoot price will reserve your due date in my diary.


Please feel free to contact me if you would like any more information or to book a newborn photoshoot.


Thank you for reading.


Wendy x


In January Susan brought along her lovely family for a studio family photoshoot. The photoshoot was bought for her in the form of a gift voucher for Christmas last year, in this case we also booked in the date and time of the photoshoot at the time of buying the gift voucher, and I was able to print all the information on it for them.


Such a gorgeous family, I think you will agree!


OY5A8648 OY5A8664 OY5A8677 OY5A8682 OY5A8686-2 OY5A8691-2 OY5A8696 OY5A8712 OY5A8714 OY5A8747-2 OY5A8750 OY5A8763-2 OY5A8784 OY5A8801


Family photoshoots cost £65 for one hour, and come with one complimentary 8×12 print (price correct for 2015), and can be bought in gift voucher form.


If you would like more information or to book a photoshoot you can use the contact form on my webite or email


Thank you for reading my blog, please subscribe if you would like to keep up to date with my work, or you can pop over and like my facebook page  where all my latest work can be seen.


Wendy x

A couple of weeks ago the gorgeous Jane came along for a studio photoshoot. Jane is a salon owner and wanted some new photos to go up on her website The Hair Sanctuary Bognor.  The shoot went really well and we got some lovely photos for her, so much so she had trouble picking the ones she wanted with her package!


As with a lot of adults Jane was a little worried about having her photos taken, but quickly setted in to some great poses.


Here are a few of the photos from the session –

IMG_9594-1 OY5A2101-1 OY5A2112-2 OY5A2124-1 OY5A2142 OY5A2157-2 OY5A2160-1 OY5A2165 OY5A2168-1

I think you will agree Jane did a fab job!


All types of commercial photoshoots are  available with me, including – Headshots, product photography, workplace photography and employee photography.


If you would like to contact me and talk about your requirements please fill in my contact form, or you can email me on I work from my home studio in Bognor Regis, West Sussex.


Thank you for reading this blog post, and don’t forget to sign up if you would like to keep updated on my latest work.


Wendy x

A month or so ago I had Patricia in for a fitness photoshoot.  This one was a little different to the other two who I had had in before. Patricia does a lot of martial arts and we based some of her photoshoot around this, as well as some more standard fitness poses.


I’m sure you will all agree from the photos that Patricia is amazing!


OY5A0266 OY5A0277-1 OY5A0278 OY5A0295 OY5A0302-1 OY5A0335-1

For more information on local martial arts for both adults and children please have a look at Tao Dragons. Who run sessions for al ages in the Bognor, Littlehampton and Worthing areas.


Fitness photoshoots are £65 for one hour with one complementary print (prices correct for 2015)


If you would like to book or have a chat about your requirements please contact me on via contact form. I am based in the Bognor Regis, West Sussex area.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


Wendy x

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