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I thought I’d do a baby safety blog post for you all. As a member of BANPAS (Baby And Newborn Photographers ASsociation) I understand the importance of safety during photoshoots involving babies, newborns and young children. This is why I have undertaken specific training in newborn photography with one of the leading newborn photographers in the UK (Pennycress Photography) to ensure I am safely posing and photographing newborns and upwards.

You will notice a lot of photographers these days offering newborn shoots. Most offer many different poses and ways of working. However a few of the poses which your photographer may use require the use of composite images (combining more than one photo to achieve the end result) this can be tricky, but in certain poses it is the only safe way to get the image you want. Please please ensure your photographer uses composite images if you are after any of the more tricky newborn images. There is a whole web page dedicated to composites also on the BANPAS website


Here is an example of one of my photos taken in this way-




However, just because a baby is no longer a newborn, does not mean we need to stop taking precautions! Especially when they get a bit stronger and start kicking more. There should always be ‘spotters’ if baby is at any height off the floor, even just by the amount of our newborn posing beanbags. Blankets can be cloned in later, but an injured baby is an injured baby. Please ensure that if anything you see during your photoshoot (no matter where you go for it) that worries you, you ask the photographer and be actively involved in keeping your baby/child safe.


Here I am going to show you a photo from a recent three month old baby shoot.This image was taken with the baby on my newborn posing beanbag, with a parent at each side spotting, and me at the front. This ensured baby was safe and secure at all times. The blanket was added back in afterwards.


OY5A9686 OY5A9686-vignietteI hope this blog post has been informative, and helped all customers realise and understand a little of what goes into making those cute photos safe and happy.


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