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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Sussex Views April 2012

This is the April edition of Sussex Views, which has one of my duckling photos on the cover.  I am so pleased with how good it looks, and Laura the editor wrote some lovely words inside about me too.   Here is their website for anyone who is interested.

The photo was taken around this time of year at the WWT Arundel, I found out the year I  took this that ducklings are VERY difficult to photograph!  They move very quickly and you need a really fast shutter speed.  They also tend to have their parents close so you risk getting told off by the odd overprotective Mum or Dad!  That said it is very satisfying when you do manage to get a good shot.

Wendy x

Spring has arrived in my garden! I know it is spring when the magnolia tree flower buds are starting to sprout pink petals and my twisted hazel tree starts to bud ………… I love the light in the garden in the morning at this time of year and the way it shines on all the new shoots.   I always go out and get a few shots of the light shining on the plants, I find it such a joyful and expectant time, knowing that soon there will be magnolia flowers (then will come the wind to blow all the flowers away, but I can look past that and enjoy the sunlight and new growth)

If you like your photography take advantage of the spring season and get out into your gardens and see what you can take some photos of!

Wendy x

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